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Doctor Fish Therapy Center Franchise Terms and Application Details What is it?


Franchising defines a contractual relationship between two independent parties. In its simplest terms, it is possible to summarize the franchising as “permission to use certain industrial rights in the commercial field for the money given to the right holder En. Franchising contracts may include a product, a brand or a service. The concessionary party has the right to transfer this right to a second party to carry out commercial affairs with a certain period of time and some limitations. The most important feature of Franchising is that it provides information and support for the management and organization of the business.




• What are the terms and processes of obtaining a franchise?


Application: The application form is taken from the application form on our site. Our franchisees contact our dealer candidates and conduct the preliminary interview.


Evaluation of the Franchise Candidate: It is decided by the management staff whether the candidate will be found one by one at the beginning of the job and whether they will succeed in the plan.


Preliminary interview: The applicants who are eligible for the profile are invited to our institution for a more detailed interview.


Location selection and approval process: Site search is initiated for prospective dealers who have positive results.

The appropriate location is decided together.


Project planning and decoration: The designated location is pro- vided by the doctor fish architecture team in accordance with the concept of doctor fish architecture and decorative works are started in accordance with the project.


Installation and training process: After the completion of the decoration process, personnel selection is made with the installation process of the equipments and the selected personnel are given the necessary trainings according to the department which will work according to the Doctor Fish culture.


Opening: After the related processes are completed, the branch is ready for opening and delivered to your dealer.


From the opening, the branch is controlled and managed by our Doctor Fish team.

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